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Table of Contents - The place to Start for a Full Alphabetical List of Pages and menus on this website.

Enjoy your GCCA:

The Great Cornard Community Association organise wonderful events for all to enjoy, including Quiz Nights, Summer Fete in July and fireworks in November.

For further information click Enjoy your GCCA or visit .

Highlighted Pages:

Internet Radio & Internet Television - Some of the entertainment available via the Internet including BBC iPlayer.

Diary of Local Events - Events & meetings in the Great Cornard Area.

Current Campaign:

Sudbury Bus Station - Oppose the insanity - Your chance to 'voice' your concerns and influence the future.

The last Steering Group Meeting was 4pm on Friday 15 January 2016 at Sudbury Town Hall.

I was at the meeting and was amazed and disappointed by what I witnessed.

Please read my 'review' (dated 21 Jan 2016) of the meeting in the Sudbury Bus Station area of this website.

Don't be surprised if you feel that words such as 'predetermination' and 'hidden agendas' may be appropriate.

Community Information:

Community Resilience - Thoughts and suggestions that may help when an emergency occurs.

Winter Gritting - During Winter, here is some information for dealing with ice and snow.

Road Safety - Vehicles & Pedestrians - Your chance to 'voice' your concerns and influence the future safety of road and pavement users.

Social and Technical:

Read and Comment Area - Your chance to read and comment.

Science & Technology Index - Your chance to read and comment on Science & Technology topics.

Social Comment Index - Your chance to read another point of view and 'have your say'. There are no restrictions of your views

Main Area Menus:

Diary Dates Index - Notable & Religious Dates & Other Events

Emergency Numbers - Phone numbers for local Emergency Services, Utilities, Medical & Schools.

Cornard Community Index - Aspects of the Community from Our Cornard to Our Wildlife

Contacts Database Index - From Local & National Clubs, Groups & Organisations to Local Transport

Hobbies & Pastimes Index - Interests - A bit of Light Relief - Quizzes & Puzzles - Numpty's World

Trades & Professions Index - Professional services from Aerial Installers to Window Cleaners

Work & Business Index - Local Shops & Outlets - Local Pubs

Internet Links & Search Index - On-line information from Broadcast Radio to Web Tools

The Zone - Aimed at the younger or young adult age range

Buy, Sell & Help - This area has no content at the moment. Any offers for content?

Everything Else - Various subjects such as Hints & Tips

Great Cornard Quick Links :

Get Yourself Noticed - Raise the profile of local Activities, Groups and Services

Parish Council - List of Councillors, Meetings and some other Information available.

Policing - Police News Items of General Interest to our Community.

Roll of Honour (War Memorial) - Names and Service - In remembrance of the men who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Wildlife Index - Photographs of local wildlife plus Tips & Information.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - This Website is currently undergoing a TOTAL RE-BUILD. Click here for further information .

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