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Page updated - 22 May 2011




 C O N S T I T U T I O N



1. The residents of Great Cornard are desirous of establishing a Community Newsletter.


2. The (working) name of this Newsletter shall be 'CORNARD NEWS'.


3. A Board of Editors has been established at a meeting on 29th April 1999.


4. The Board of Editors shall appoint a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Design and Layout Officer and any other Officers as necessary to produce CORNARD NEWS on a regular basis (initially quarterly).  All Officers shall also be Members of the Board.


5. The Treasurer shall open a bank account (signatories to be agreed) and keep a record of all receipts and payments.


6. The Editorial Board should not take sides in any issue, unless there is overwhelming support from the community of Great Cornard, and should strive to have a good working relationship with the Parish Council members and staff.


7. The Board of Editors shall hold regular meetings as necessary. The Secretary shall prepare Minutes of each meeting.


8. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held each year within 3 months of the year-end. Treasurer to prepare accounts to be presented at the AGM.


9. The Board shall remain appointed for a period of 3 years; thereafter it will be subject to re-election by the residents at the AGM.


10. Board members may resign on giving 1 month's notice in writing to the Board.


11. The Constitution and Aims of CORNARD NEWS may be amended as appropriate, subject to ratification by residents at the AGM, with the exception of clause 12 which is not subject to alteration.


12. In the event of CORNARD NEWS being wound up, any available money held in the bank account after all debts and necessary expenses are paid will be donated to a local Charity, as selected by the Board.


Cornard News AGM - 29 March 2011