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Margaret Mills

Margaret Mills was born in the former Nursing Home in Queens Road, Sudbury and brought home to Great Cornard when a few days old. Apart from her service in the WRNS, she has lived here all her life. Margaret has a younger sister who lives nearby and they were both educated locally.


After leaving school the young Margaret went to work as a Shorthand Typist for Steed & Steed, Solicitors in Sudbury, until she applied at the age of 17˝ years to join the WRNS which she says was a marvellous experience and where she made a lot of friends. Keeping to her naval leanings Margaret met her husband Brian, himself a Sailor, whilst he was home on leave at a Saturday night dance in the Victoria Hall, Sudbury. They married at St Andrews Church and in due course had first a daughter then a son. Her extended family now consists of five grandchildren, four great-grandchildren with a fifth due to join the family circle later this year.


The house in which Margaret lives stands on a piece of land given to her by her father when she married. Her Grandfather kept chickens on that patch and she says that’s why everything there grows well!


When Margaret’s daughter was 11 she wanted to become a Guide, however there was not a Unit in Great Cornard at that time so Margaret applied to run a Company here - having enjoyed her time as a Brownie and Guide. She ran the Guides here for many years in fact she is still recognised as ‘Captain’ to one of the present Brownie Leaders plus several others locally. So successfully did Margaret run the Guides she was asked to become District Comm­issioner - a post she held for five years in the 1980's.


There are two very prized possessions on a shelf in Margaret’s house, namely two framed certificates commemorating her service to Guiding. One was pre­sented in 1993 for 30 years service and another in 2000. She is very pleased Brownies and Guides are still flourishing in Great Cornard.


Margaret's husband and another ex-Sailor started the Royal Naval Association in Sudbury in 1948 and very successful it has proved to be with a membership of between 20 and 30 to this day. Another of her valued possessions is a Certificate awarded to:


S/M (Ship Mate) Margaret Mills

60 Years Meritorious Service to the Branch.


The Royal Naval Association is a very friendly group and obviously gives Margaret a lot of pleasure plus pride she is a part of naval tradition.


One more pastime Margaret enjoys is her membership of the Scout Fellowship, a mixed organisation of people who share a love of the Scout Movement. Margaret is a lady who has done much with her life and con­tinues to care about the community around her.


Interview by Doris Rowland (Cornard News) – 10 May 2008