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Maureen Nandi

Maureen moved to Great Cornard from Tottenham with her family in 1967. The reason for the move was one that brought many people to Great Cornard - the affordable housing. The new Cramphorn Estate - that is Highbury Way and surrounding roads was just being built and with a young baby the price of an equivalent house in London was beyond their reach. Maureen remembers the Highbury Barn being just a tiny room and drinks and crisps were passed through a little window in the entrance lobby.


When the Community Centre was built in 1970 Maureen volunteered to help and became the unpaid booking secretary, until after a few years she was paid the grand sum of 50p an hour for three hours work weekly. Maureen became a Parish Councillor in the early 1970's, a post she held for 30 years eventually retiring only last year. She has taken part in some lively arguments during her time as councillor and been involved in some controversial decisions but always stuck to what she believed to be right. She was also a Governor of the Middle School in its early days and also Chairman and Governor of Wells Hall Primary School.


Maureen now works for Suffolk County Council as a Community Education Worker and in this position does a lot of work in Cornard. She runs a Woman’s Group, at the Old School, that has diverse activities such as Glass Painting, Computers, Assertiveness and First Aid. It encompasses women from 18-80 and also provides a crèche. She is also hoping to get one up and going for men. Maureen also runs a Nurture Group at Cornard Upper School for vulnerable young people and is also involved with the Information Desk in the library which is available to the public and pupils alike. It has just received a grant of £100 from the Community Energy Project (CEP) in order to buy pamphlets.


The Drop-In Centre at Poplar Road shops was an idea first mooted by Maureen and she is really delighted to see it up and going. She realised a long time ago that the North end of Cornard had no public building where people could meet. Now she hopes that more people will become aware of it and use its facilities.

Maureen has a daughter and son and four grandchildren. She is a proud grandmother and photos of all her grandchildren are prominently displayed. Her daughter lives in Cornard with her two girls aged twelve and sixteen and her son lives in Devon and has two boys aged three and seven.


Maureen is married to Raj and has lived in Canhams Road since 1976. Their garden is beautifully tended and Maureen remembers when the view from the end was just fields and trees. Maureen is one of the shrinking ‘band’ of people that try to give to the community instead of just taking. Let us hope we will have many more such people in our Community.


Interview by Joan Herbert (Cornard News) – 03 August 2003