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Great Cornard Car Boot Sales

Page updated - 28 February 2011



The Boot Sales are a very popular event in Great Cornard with all proceeds going to local good causes.


The dates are the Saturdays and usually starts in the during the month of May and usually runs through until sometime in July.


The gate usually opens to stallholders at 11.00am and to the ‘booters’ at 12.00noon until 3.30pm.


Previously there has been a charge are £5.00 per table for stallholders and admission free to the public.


Please click here to see the Car Boot Sale dates and write the dates in your diary.


Please come and support this popular village event.


Humphrey Todd – Parish Councillor (Great Cornard South)





On 8 December 2010 Great Cornard Parish Council, once again, held its FREE Christmas Party for the over 60’s of the Parish.


Over 80 folk from Great Cornard were served a tea by a team of ‘elves’ from Great Cornard Middle School. Councillor Anne Harper-Clark, her husband Leon, prepared the food with assistance from Mrs Sylvie Thomas and Cllr. Carol Todd. The Chairman, Humphrey Todd assisted by Councillors Mrs. Marion Press, Tony Harman, David Thomas, and Colin Wright, was on hand to welcome the guests.


Music for the event was provided by the professional entertainer, ‘Just Clarky’. Father Christmas was in attendance and took a very active part in ‘dancing’. [I bet slept well – Ed.] The afternoon was orchestrated by ‘Master of Ceremonies’ Council Manager Michael Fitt with the Deputy Clerk Nadine Tamlyn.


As with previous years the funding for the party has been provided by the Car Boot Sales run during June and July on the Recreation Ground by Cllrs. Humphrey Todd, Anne Harper-Clark, and Carol Todd, together with Anne’s husband Leon. Bearing in mind that this team has to be in attendance every Saturday during the summer, and whether the weather is hot, cold, or extremely wet, then this really is dedication.


19 Feb 2011