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Colne-Stour Countryside Association

Page updated - 03 April 2008



We need your support.

The upper valleys of the rivers Colne and Stour and the un-spoilt countryside around them are one of Englandís best kept secrets. Those of us who live here are very fortunate. The area is graced with many villages, full of charm, interest and history. However, government moves to increase the population of both Essex and Suffolk, and to build large numbers of new houses mean that this fragile countryside is under relentless pressure from developers.


The Colne-Stour Countryside Association recognises the inevitability of change, but at the same time is determined not to let such changes destroy the beauty of this bit of country, which for many of us is the reason why we have chosen to live here. Government, both local and central, is influenced by public opinion given expression by amenity societies such as ours. The larger the membership the more influential we can be, and the more likely we are to achieve our objectives.


Our work goes on all the time, but we need your active support. You can help by becoming a member. Membership is not expensive. Annual Membership is £5 for a single person and £7.50 for a couple, but we do insist on a standing order in order to keep the cost to a minimum. Life Membership is £50 for a single person and £80 for a couple, payable by cheque.


For more information about the association please click on this hyperlink to visit our website


To contact us please write to:

The Secretary, The Old Rectory, Wickham St. Paulís, Essex CO9 2PJ or telephone: (01787) 269250.


Colne-Stour Countryside Association - March 2008