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Long Melford Community Association

Page updated - 17 December 2006



The Long Melford Community Association was formed in 1967 following a meeting called by The Parish Council to consider forming a Community Council. The response was positive and within a month membership stood at 739 and a steering committee was elected as the first Long Melford Community Council. In 1968 the Committee had bought about the installation of children’s Playground Equipment at Cordell Place and in 1972 a new sports field was opened and the following year some adjacent land was purchased to provide tennis courts for the village.


A lottery was organised and by 1972 membership had grown to over 1200. On the social side dances were introduced, as were annual fetes and in 1978 even a Miss Long Melford Contest. In 1968 the first Long Melford Giant Firework display was organised which has now become the Big Night Out and is successfully run by Project 7. A quarterly newsletter was introduced as The Village Gazette that has now been superseded by a monthly ‘What’s On In Long Melford’, distributed to every household in the village.


In 1983 the Community Council was disbanded and the new Community Association with much fund raising and financial backing from The Parish Council arranged for the purchase of the old village school for use as a Community Centre. This centre is today regularly used by numerous local organisation as varied as Yoga, WI Market, Silver Band, Carpet bowls, Art, Dancing etc. as well as a regular venue for Table Sales which help to bring in much needed revenue.


The Community Association are actively involved with fund raising for The Old School Community Centre which is run on a day to day basis by a separate committee, and for purchasing and maintaining the Playground Equipment which has seen recent new additions, the sports field for use by the local cricket club etc.


Contact details:

Chairman:  David Burch     (01787) 312520 - email David Burch

Secretary: Gill Phillips       (01787) 310840 - No email available

Treasurer:  Alma Beckwith (01787) 375549 - email Alma Beckwith


16 October 2005


Table Sales


Held at Long Melford Old School from 8.30am to 1pm


Admission Charges: 30p (£1 before 8.30am) - Children Free


Nearly 50 tables in four rooms - Bargains Galore!


Refreshments Available


Tables: £5 each – to book contact Mrs Alma Beckwith 01787 375549




Phone Alma for details.