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Parkinson's Disease

Page updated - 07 September 2010



This year is the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Parkinsonís Disease Society (PDS) by Mali Jenkins. She wanted to create a better quality of life for people affected by Parkinsonís Disease and to contribute towards research.


Our local Society meets on the last Thursday of every month at 6.30pm until about 8.30pm, at the Sudbury Resource Centre on Northern Road. We arrange Taxis for those who are unable to drive etc. Most meetings we have a speaker, as well as coffee and a Raffle. Not everyone at the meetings has Parkinsonís and those of us that do donít take our symptoms too seriously.


If you are interested in coming to see what we do, you are very welcome to come as a visitor, or do ring me on (01787) 313445 if you need help or would like to be put in touch with Head Office (Registered Charity No: 258197).


Mrs Trena Bogue - Local Contact

15 Feb 2009




The Parkinsonís Brain Bank provides human brain tissue to researchers around the world who are working towards a cure for Parkinsonís.


Research using donated tissue has already led to important breakthroughs in Parkinsonís but researchers face a desperate shortage of brains that are required for essential research.


Anyone can become a potential donor Ė including people who do not have Parkinsonís. This enables researchers to compare what happens in a Parkinsonís brain with one without the condition.


We urgently need more people to sign up to our Brain Donor Register to ultimately increase the amount of brain tissue available for research.


To receive an Information Pack visit the Parkinsons Disease Society website  ,email for an Information pack  or call 0207 594 9732.


Parkinsonís Disease Society - May 2009