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Page updated - 06 January 2009



Sudbury Division - Brief Details

  • Here in Sudbury we have 24 members within the adult section, a balance of male and female member's of all ages starting from 16 upwards.

  • We also offer something for 10 to 16 years old St John Ambulance Cadets.

  • Sudbury take on just over 100 duties a year, these can be from church fetes to firework displays.

  • Where there is a public event we can normally be seen.

  • Want to know more request more information by emailing sudbury@suffolk.sja.org.uk

  • Would you like to become a member of Sudbury division then email us on sudbury@suffolk.sja.org.uk

  • Telephone 01473 241500

  • Registered Charity No. 1077265/1