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Page updated - 20 February 2005

The United Nations (UN) was founded in 1945, according to its Charter 'to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war'. Over 100 wars, great and small, later it must be said that the UN has been a failure. That being admitted, we should realise that like a sports team the UN organisation is only as successful as its members wish it to be. Moreover, it is not as if war has not had a long, long history before 1945! The fact is that most member-nations of the UN have continued their bad habits of self-interest and xenophobia. Like the worst of human nature, they have been narrow-minded, and given scant allegiance to commitments they made when they became members of the UN.

Should the UN be finished? Our Sudbury & District Branch of the UN Association says, ‘No!’ It should be reform­ed to become a World Government in which every nation is fairly represented on all its councils to make internation­al law, binding on all its members, with no veto. Each nation would still keep sovereignty within its own borders, but would commit to agreed human rights. We further call for a reformed UN to supervise universal, multilateral disarmament, and conversion of resources to feed, house, heal and educate the people of the world, working through its agencies such as the World Health Organisation and freshly-formed Regional Partnerships of nations. Do you agree?

For further information please contact me by post at 11 Meadow View Road, Sudbury, COl0 7NU or telephone (01787) 375503.

Rev Malcolm Hill – United Nations Association

18 April 2003