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West Suffolk Befriending Scheme - WSBS

Page updated - 20 February 2005


People with learning disabilities (previously called mental handicap) often lack the opportunities most of us have to make new friends. If their work and leisure lives are restricted then it follows that their chances to meet people are also restricted.

Would you be willing to share some of your time with someone with a learning disability? If you have an hour a week, or a few hours a month to spare, perhaps you could join someone for a cup of coffee, go to the cinema, do some shopping, go swimming or just have a chat. In short, spend time enjoying activities that you might already do with your friends. West Suffolk Befriending Scheme is a registered charity no. 1074800 that is constantly looking for volunteer befrienders to join us. We have an ever-increasing list of people seeking a befriender, many of whom live, in the Cornard/ Sudbury area.

We offer you: Certificated training, full Support, out of pocket expenses and the opportunity to make friends. If you would like to consider becoming a befriender or would just like more information please get in touch with us by Tele/Fax: (01787) 371333 or Email Befriending Scheme

21 October 2000