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Page updated - 05 April 2008



The British Cardiac Patients Association (Reg. Charity No. 289190) affectionately known as The Zipper Club was formed over 20 years ago in Cambridge and based mostly around Papworth Hospital. We are a support group for not only cardiac patients but also equally importantly their families and their carers who all too often get forgotten in the trauma of illness. Our main aim is to support the patients and those involved both before and after surgery and other cardiac procedures. We know only too well the terrible fear people face when told they or a loved one has cardiac problems, how frightening it feels and I can assure you that talking to someone who has been through similar problems and has come out the other side really does help.

We can help you through this traumatic time and hopefully reassure you. In the last 20 years we have grown with nearly 4,000 members countrywide and over 20 support groups across the British Isles.

There are two local groups in Suffolk, one meeting regularly in Ipswich and the other in Bury St. Edmunds. I would love to hear from anyone who would like further details of our Association and the support we can offer. Please call me on 01473 829777.

Anita Postle Chairman - Zipper Club

(The British Cardiac Patients Association)

18 April 2004