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A.A.A.D.D. - Amusing

A to B Taxis

Abuse - Domestic

Abuse - Alcohol

Abuse - Drugs

Acceptable Behaviour


Adult Education

Adult Exercise Area

Adult Resource Centre


Aerial Installer

Aerial Views

Age Concern

Age UK Suffolk

Advice & Tips - Internet

Ailments - Medical Index

Air Training Corps

Air Transport

Alcohol Helpline

Alf Eady - Mr

Allen - Revd Jamie

Allergies - Food

Allergies - Medical Index

Allotments - Gardening

Alphabet - Phonetic

Alternative Dictionary


Amateur Radio

Amusing - Dictionary

Amusing - Index



Ann Ross

Ant Zapper

Anti-phishing (Internet)

Anti-Social Behaviour



Art Club - Sudbury

Art - Hobby

Arts & Crafts - Trade


Assington Mill



Attack - Heart (Surviving)

Audrey Wood

Autism Anglia




Babergh Council

Babergh Home-Start

Baker - Mrs Tina

Balloon Artists

Ballroom Dancing

Bands - Pop/Rock/Brass

Bear and Katie


Beauty Treatment

Bed & Breakfast

Benefits - Help Index

Bishop - Mr George

Bill Norfolk - Mr

Bill Partridge - Mr

Bingo Club - Gt. Cornard

Birds in Gt. Cornard



Blind Assoc. WSVAB

Blinds and Curtains

Block Paving

Blood Donors (NBS)

Bloys - Mr Fred

Bob Hewett - Mr

Body Beautiful page

Bogus Callers

Book Keepers (Office)

Boot Sales - Cornard Car

Boot Sale Dates - Car

Boundary Committee

Bowls (Sport)

Breathe Easy Sudbury

Brenda Powell - Mrs

Brian Titus page

British Legion (The Royal)

Broadcast Radio

Broadcast Television

Brown (D.S.) Builder page

Browne - Mr Gerald


Buds, Bows & Balloons page

Buffaloes (Order of)


Building - Carsons Drive

Burden - Mr Roger

Burroughs - Mr Laurie

Bus Transport


. . but you don't look ill

Butterflies in Gt. Cornard

Byham - Mrs Sylvia



CAB - Citizens Advice

CAB Advice page

Camera Club - Sudbury

Campaign for Dark Skies

Cancer Research UK

Car Boot Sales - Cornard

Car Boot Sale Dates

Car Hire - Private

Car Racing (Motorsport)

Car Repairs

Car Security

Car Servicing

Car Valeting

Carers - Suffolk Family


Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Fitters

Cars & Vehicles Index

Carsons Drive Development

Cash Machines (Using)


Cedar Corner

Celsius - Fahrenheit

Centigrade (Celsius)

CHANCE (Nature) Index

Chaplin - Mr John

Chaplin - Mr Ray

Chartered Surveyors

Chat - Parish Councillor

Cheats - Video Games

Chess Club - Sudbury

Child Protection - NSPCC


Chilton & Cornards - Horticulture

Choral Society - Sudbury

Chris Ward - Mrs

Christian Fellowship - Cornard

Christopher Centre


Cinema, Films & Videos

Citizens Advice Bureau

Claims (Consumer)

Cleaners - Various

Cleaners - Window

Cleaning Services

Clinic - Sports Injury



Clubs Index

Coach Transport

Coeliac Awareness

Cole - Mr Roy

Colin Risley page

Colin Steed - Mr

Colne-Stour Countryside Assoc.

Comment (Read &) Index

Committees - Council

Community Bingo - Cornard

Community Consultation - Police

Community - Cornard

Community Education

Community & Family Centre

Community Learning

Community Newsletter

Community Responders

Community Resilience

Community Warden Index

(Comm. - Community)

Comm. Warden Profile

Comm. Warden Info

Comm. Warden Updates

Community Webs - Local

Computer Accessories

Computer Services

Computer Software

Computer Hardware

Consultation Meetings - Police

Consumer Index

Contacts Database


Cooking Conversions

Cooper - Dr Peter


Cornard (Great)

cornard.info Website

Cornard Art Group

Cornard Car Boot Sales

Cornard Car Boot Sale Dates

Cornard Christian Fellowship

Cornard Community

Cornard Community Bingo

Cornard Council Information

Cornard Council Meetings

Cornard Council Members

Cornard Council Minutes

Cornard Council Updates

Cornard Country Park - Friends

Cornard Cricket Club

Cornard Introduction

Cornard History

Cornard Knitting Club

Cornard Library Details

Cornard Library Events

Cornard Library Facilities

Cornard Lunch Club

Cornard News Newsletter

Cornard News Constitution

Cornard Parish Council

Cornard People Index

Great Cornard - Policing

Cornard Quilters

Cornard Road Name Origins

Cornard Safer Neighbourhood

Cornard S N Team

Cornard S N T updates

Cornard Sports Centre

Cornard Swimming Pool

Cornard Weather

Cornard Womens Institute

Cornard WI - Events

Cornards & Chilton - Horticulture


C continued

Conservation Group - Nature

Council - Gt. Cornard Parish

Council Information - Cornard

Council Minutes - Parish

Councillors List - Parish

Councillor - Chat to Parish

Councillors' Profiles - Parish

Councils Index

Councils - Phone Numbers

Country Park - Friends of the

County Council


Crafts & Arts - Trade

Cricket Club - Great Cornard

Crime - Home Security

Crime - More Home Security

Crime Prevention Index

Curtains and Blinds

Cycle Security



D.S. Brown (Builder) page

D.S. Electrical page

Dancing - Pastimes

Dark Skies - Campaign

DASH (Disabled)

Dates & Events Index

Dates - Local

Dates - Notable

David Rout - Mr

Dayz Owt - Pat's

Dayz Owt Diary - Pat's

Decking, Drives & Paths


Dedham Vale Project

Dedham Vale - Walks

Delphi  Ballroom Dance

Dementia Day Centre

Dentists Surgeries

Development - Carsons Drive

Development - Pre-School

Diabetes - Medical Index

Diallers - Rogue (Anti)

Diary Dates / Events Index

Dictionary - Amusing

Digital Photography

Distraction Burglary

Diving - SCUBA

Divorce Support

Doctors - Phone Numbers

Doctors Surgeries

Dogs - Hearing for Deaf

Dog Grooming

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Cleaners

Domestic Services

Domestic Violence

Donating - Blood (NBS)

Door to Door Opt Out (Post)

Doug Brown (Builder) page

Douglas - Mr. Martin

Downloads - Software

Drives, Decking & Paths

Drawing - Hobby

Dressmaking & Tailoring

Driving Instruction

Drugs Helpline



Eady - Mr Alf

Education - Further

Education - Pre-School

Education - Schools

Electrical Services


Electricity - Phone Nos.

E-mail Preference

E-Mail Tools

Emergency Numbers


Event Organisers

Events & Diary Index

Events - Local

Events at St. Peter's Church

Events - Sudbury TIC

Excel Cars

Exercise & Fitness

Express Gutter Cleaning page




Fahrenheit - Celsius

Fairy Godmaids page

Family & Community Centre

Family Carers - Suffolk

Family History - Local

Farmers' Market - Sudbury

Fax Preference

Fencing - Garden

Festival - Sudbury (Artistic)

Film Makers - Young (SAGCYFM)

Films, Cinema & Videos

First Responders (Medical)

Fisher - Mr Len


Fitness & Exercise

Flat Roofing

Floor Covering


Flowers in Gt. Cornard

Food Allergies

Food 'n 'Friends (Age Concern)


Ford-Platt - Mrs Lesley

Fortnightly Dances - Tea

Foundation - Suffolk

Fox - Mr Richard

Fox Cars

Framing - Pictures

Fred Bloys - Mr

Free Money (Funding)

Freestone - Mrs

Friends of the Country Park

Friends of St. Peter's

Fun Run - Sudbury

Funding - Community

Funnies - Index




Gainsborough Country - Save

Gambling - NORCAS

Game Cheats - Video

Games - Video

Garage Services

Garden Fencing

Gardeners - Contract

Gardening - Hobby

Garden Share

Gardens - Open - 2006

Gas - Phone Numbers

Gas Engineer

Gas Fitter

Gas Safe Registration

Gatehouse (Charity)


George Bishop - Mr

Gerald Browne - Mr

Gerry Mills - Mr

Grooming - Dog

Groups - Pop/Rock

Groups Index - Self-Help

Groups Index - Voluntary


GCSE Answers - Amusing


Gt Cornard - see Cornard

Guided Walks




Hadleigh Hares


Hardware - Computer

Health & Beauty

Health Resources Index

Hearing Dogs - for Deaf

Heart Attack - Surviving

Heart - Upbeat

Heart - Zipper Club

Heating Engineer

Hedgerow Survey Index

Help Index

Helping Wildlife Index

Hewett - Mr. Bob

Hidden illness support

Hints & Tips Index

History - Genealogy

History - Local Family

History Index - Local

Hive (The) - Youth Group

Hobbies Index

Home Furnishing

Home Help

Home Security

Home Security - More

Home Shopping

Home-Start Babergh

Honour - Roll of

Hop-A-Long Club (Girls)


Hospitals - Phone Nos.

House Clearance

Hume - Mr Stuart





Imperial to Metric

Income Tax

Information - Cornard Council

Injuries Spinal Assoc.

Injury Clinic - Sports

Illness support - hidden

Interests Index

Internet Links Index

Internet Search Index

Internet Radio

Internet Services

Internet Television

Internet Tips & Advice

Introducing Cornard

Ironing Service - Home

Ironing Service - Paula's

Iron Workers

IS (Young People)



J. M. Wade page

Jacqueline Jouet

Jamie Allen - Revd

Jim Sanders - Mr

Joan Lynton - Mrs

Jogging (Running)

Jo Jingles - Pre-School

John Chaplin - Mr

Jouet - Jacqueline

Joy Weavers - Mrs

JS Cleaning Services page

Julian Wade page

Junk Mail Preference




Katie and Bear

Kilby - Mr Rod

King's Lynn Organ Club

Kleeneze - Gt. Cornard

Knitting Club - Cornard

K R Copsey page




Landscape Gardeners

Laurie Burroughs - Mr

Law For All


LEAP in Sudbury

Legal Advice

Legal Updates Index

Len Fisher - Mr

Lesley Ford-Platt - Mrs

Letting Agents (Property)

Library Details - Cornard

Library Events - Cornard

Library Facilities - Cornard

Library - Storytime (2-4yrs)

Library Times - Cornard

Library - What's On Offer

Light Relief - Index

Line Dancing

Link - Suffolk  (Care Services)


Local Dates

Local Events

Local History Index

Local Radio (UK)

Local Radio - Internet

Local Weather

Local Community Webs

Local Webs

Locate by Postcode


Logic Problems - Puzzles

Long Melford Com. Assoc.

Lunch Club

Lung Condition

Lynton - Mrs Joan




Mail Preference (Post)

Malpave Paving page

Mammals in Gt. Cornard




Market Research

Margaret Mills - Mrs

Marsh - Mr Mike

Martin Douglas - Mr

Maureen Nandi - Mrs

Medical - Phone Numbers

Medical References Index

Medical Surgeries

Meet a Parish Councillor

Meeting Venues

Melford Community Assoc.


Metric to Imperial

M E (Myalgic)

Middle School

Mike Marsh - Mr

Mills - Mr Gerry

Mills - Mrs Margaret

Mind - Suffolk

Minicab - Private Hire

M J Adams

Mobile Phone Preference

Mobile Phone Security

Model Publication Scheme

Money - Free (Funding)

Motorcycle Club - Sudbury

Motor Mechanics


MP - Mr Tim Yeo

MP Surgery Dates

Mrs Freestone

M S (Sclerosis)

Music & Movement - Pre-School

Music at St. Peter's Church

Music Instrument Sales

Music Tuition



Nail Technicians

Nandi - Mrs Maureen

Nandi - Mr Raj

National Insurance

Nature Conservation Group

NBS (Blood donors)

Neighbourhood - Cornard Safer

Neighbourhood Watch

New Life Health & Fitness

Newsletter (Cornard News)

Newstalk (News tapes)

NHS Resources List

NORCAS - Gambling

Norfolk - Mr Bill

Notable Dates

NSPCC - Child Protection

Numpty's World - Index

Nursery Schools



Office Cleaners

Office Services

Oil Engineer

Oil Fitter

Old School - Wells Hall

One Suffolk Page

onesuffolk Page

Open Gardens

Organ Club - King's Lynn

Organisations Index

Organisers - Events



Oven Cleaners



Painters and Decorators

Painting - Hobby

Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council Members

Parish Council Minutes

Parish Council Office

Parish Council Updates

Parish Councillor - Chat to

Parish Councillors - List

Parish Councillors' Profiles

Parkinson's Disease

Partridge - Mr Bill

Party Decorators


Patchwork - Quilters

Paths, Decking & Drives

Pat's Dayz Owt

Pat's Dayz Owt Diary

Paula's Ironing Service


Penny Thewlis - Mrs

Pensions - Help Index

People (Cornard) Index

Perfect 10 page

Personal Safety

Personal Webs

Pet Food Suppliers

Peter Cooper - Dr

Peter Norfolk (Vehicles)

Phishing - Anti (Internet)

Phonetic Alphabet

Photos Index - Wildlife


Photography - Digital

Photography - Interest

Physiotherapy - Sudbury

Picture Framing




Police - Phone Numbers

Policing Great Cornard

Pop-Up Software (Anti)

Pop Bands - Local

Postcode (Locate by)

Pot Kiln Primary School

Powell - Mrs Brenda

Pre-School Education


Printers - Litho

Private Hire Vehicles

Product Warnings - Amusing

Professions Index

Profiles - Parish Councillors'

Property Maintenance

Property Management

Property Rental

Public Houses


Percy Ruse - Mr


Puzzles Index



Quay Singles Club

Quilters - Cornard



Radio - Amateur

Radio - Broadcast

Radio - Internet

Radio - Local

RAF Association

Raj Nandi - Mr


Ray Chaplin - Mr

Read & Comment Index

Recipes - Conversions

Recipes Index

Recycling - Waste

Red Cross


Regulo - Cooking Temps

Religious Dates

Rental Agents (Property)

Research (Market)

Residents Group - TANK

Resilience - Community

Resource Centre - Adult

Responders - Community

Responders - First (Medical)


Revd Jamie Allen

Richard Fox - Mr

River Stour Boating

River Stour Trust

River Stour Trust Events

Road Name Origins - local

Rock Bands - Local

Rod Kilby - Mr

Roger Burden - Mr

Rogue Diallers (Anti)

Roll of Honour


Ross - Ann

Rotary Clubs

Rout - Mr David

Route Planner

Roy Cole - Mr

Royal British Legion (The)

Royal Naval Assoc.



Ruse - Mr Percy



St. Andrew's Church

St. John Ambulance

St. Nicholas' Hospice

St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church - Events

St. Peter's Church - Music

St. Peter's Church - Organ

Safer Neighbourhood - Cornard

Safer N T updates - Cornard

SAGCYFM (Film Makers)

Salicylate - Medical Index

Salsa Dancing

Salvation Army (The)


Sample Page - Trades

Sanders - Mr Jim

SAS (Success after Stroke)

Save Gainsborough Country Campaign

School Clothing

Schools Index

Schools - Phone Numbers

Science & Technology Index

Scientific Converter

Scool Screen


SCUBA - Diving

Search Engines

Secretarial Services

Security Consultants

Security - Home

Security - More Home

Self Help Groups

Separation Support

Sequence Dancing

Sharon - Childminder

Sheridan - Mr Stewart

Shawlands Wood & Bank

Shops & Outlets

Sightings - Wildlife Index

Sign Language

Silent Call Guard

Singles Club - Sudbury

Skills Development


Slimming World Page

Small Claims (Consumer)

Safer Neighbourhood - Cornard

S N T - Policing Great Cornard

S N T updates - Cornard

Social Comment Index

Software Downloads

Software - Web Tools

Spinal Injuries Assoc.

Sports Clubs

Sports Centre - Cornard

Sports Injury Clinic

Spyware Software (Anti)

Steed - Mr Colin

Stepping Stones Playgroup

Stevenson Centre

Stewart Sheridan - Mr

Stop Junk Mail

Storytime (2-4yrs) - Library

Stour (& Colne) Countryside

Stour Valley Project

Stour Valley - Walks

STR - Stroke Identification


Stroke Identification

Stuart Hume - Mr

Sub-Committees - Council

Success after Stroke (SAS)

Sudbury Art Club

Sudbury Breathe Easy

Sudbury Bus Station

Sudbury Camera Club

Sudbury Chess Club

Sudbury Choral Society

Sudbury Council - Town

Sudbury Farmers' Market

Sudbury Festival (Artistic)

Sudbury First Responders

Sudbury Fun Run

Sudbury Joggers

Sudbury Life Savers

Sudbury Motorcycle Club

Sudbury Newstalk (tapes)

Sudbury Resource Centre

Sudbury Physiotherapy

Sudbury Singles Club

Sudbury Talbot Rotary

Suffolk TAP (Training Advice)

Sudbury T I C

Sudbury TIC - Events

Sudbury Tourist Info. Centre

Sudbury Town Council

Sudbury Toy Library

Suffolk County Council

Suffolk Family Carers

Suffolk Foundation

Suffolk Helpline

Suffolk Link - Care Services

Suffolk Mind

Surgery Dates - MP


Surviving Heart Attack

Swimming Pool - Cornard

Sylvia Byham - Mrs



Tailoring & Dressmaking

Talbot Rotary - Sudbury

Talking Newspaper

TANK Residents Group

Tax - Income

Tax Returns

Taxi Transport

Tea Dances - Fortnightly


Telephone Preference

Television - Broadcast

Television - Internet

Television Repair Engineer

Temperatures - Cooking

Temperatures - Weather

The Hive - Youth Group

The Royal British Legion

The Salvation Army

The Wedding Fayre

THEO - Club

Thewlis - Mrs. Penny

TIC - Sudbury

TIC Events - Sudbury

Tim Yeo MP - Surgery

Tina Baker - Mrs

Tina Whiting

Tips & Advice - Internet

Tips & Hints Index

Tourist Information Centre

Toy Library - Sudbury

Trades Index

Trades Sample Page

Trading Standards

Train Transport

Training & Further Education

Training Advice (Suffolk TAP)

Transport Index

Tree Surgeons

Trefoil (Girl Guiding)

TV Engineer - Repair



U3A - University Third Age

UN Association


Upbeat (Heart)

Updates - Comm. Warden

Updates - Legal

Updates - Parish Council


Upper School

Using Cash Machines



Van Repairs

Van Servicing

Vanity Hair page

Vehicles & Cars Index

Vehicle Services

Vehicle Valeting

Venues for meetings

Vets Advice Index

Victim Support

Videos, Films & Cinema

Video Games

Village Websites - Local

Village View

Violence - Domestic

Volumes - Cooking



W I - Womens Institute

W I Events - Cornard

Wade - J. M. (Webpage)

Walks - Guided

War Memorial

Ward - Mrs Chris

Warden - Community

Warden Information

Warden Updates

Waste Recycling

Water - Phone Numbers


Weavers - Mrs Joy

Web Designers

Web Radio Links

Web Tools - Software

Website cornard.info

Webs - Local Community

Website History

Websites - Local Villages

Webster's Links

Wedding Fayre - The

Weights - Cooking

Wells Hall Old School

Wells Hall Old School - Index

Wells Hall Primary

West Suffolk College

What's On - Locally

Whiting - Tina

WHOS Campaign - Index

WI - Womens Institute

WI Events - Cornard

Wildlife (Interest)

Wildlife Index - Helping

Wildlife Index - Photos

Wildlife Index - Sightings

Windham Ltd. (Garage)

Window Cleaners

Witness Service

Womens Institute - Cornard

Wood - Audrey


West Suffolk Blind Assoc.

West Suffolk Mind

Wrought Iron Workers

WRVS (Voluntary)

WSBA (Blind Assoc.)

WSVAB (Blind Assoc.)

WSBS (Befriending)

WSC in Sudbury



Xcape Card



Yeo - Mr Tim - MP

Yorley Barn Nursery


Young Film Makers

Youth Club



Zapper - Ants

Zipper Club (Heart)