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Page updated - 24 May 2009


Sudbury & District Family History Society



As with many Family History Societies (FHS), the Suffolk FHS is carrying out a long-term on-going project to record all the gravestones in Suffolk.


Sudbury and District Group have in the past three years recorded Shimpling and Alpheton churchyards. A copy of these can be found in the 'Archives for All' section in Sudbury library. A copy also goes to the church and Bury Record Office. We are just completing Assington and are at present finishing the recording of St. Andrew’s Church in Great Cornard.


The weather, accidents, vandalism and stones being moved all contribute to the valuable information on the stones being lost. Whilst the burial is recorded, the actual wording on the stone can give descendants useful clues about their ancestors' lives. Sometimes an occupation is recorded or several family members' names are together on one stone. It is possible that the person named is interred somewhere else and therefore will not be in the local Burial Register.


The group meet alternate on Saturday mornings at 10.00am, weather permitting. If you would like to join us you will be welcome to come along, please phone me for details. You don't need to bring anything with you. We normally work in pairs, one person reading out the inscription while the other writes it down. If you would like to do the recording and prefer to sit please feel free to bring a seat. You don't have to be a member of the SFHS. We all struggle at times to make out the inscription and can end up with 5 or 6 people working together. We are a friendly crowd and it is lovely to be out in the fresh air doing something worthwhile.


As you can imagine some of the stones are very difficult to read and over the years we have tried various methods to help with this. Our greatest success has been using shaving foam!! To witness this 'miracle' come and watch.


If you would like more information please contact me on (01787) 376287.


Helen – Suffolk Family History Society

06 May 2009


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