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Page updated - 19 February 2005

Roger Burden

On entering Roger and Janet Burdenís bungalow the first thing you notice are the overflowing bookcases that line most of the walls.  Roger says he has several thousand books, all on different subjects, and has read every one. He is one of those fortunate people who retain ideas and information, unlike many of us who read a book and promptly forget most of its content.  He learned to read before he went to school and has been reading ever since. He could easily have entered University but for his abhorrence of exams although he has no regrets - he says he would not have met Janet if he had gone into further education.

Roger is a logic problem writer for two national magazines. The riddles that he sets seem very difficult to solve but Roger says that, for him, the hardest part of writing them is working out the scenario. He likes every problem to have a different setting to make it more interesting and can use the same formula for several posers but with different outlines. Roger has kindly 'loaned' some of his Logic Problems and Puzzles to this website. To view them, just click or either of these hyperlinks.

Roger is also secretary and editor of Sudbury Newstalk, which provides taped local news for visually impaired people. He has been involved with the group for ten years and apart from reading the local news for the talking newspaper he contributes material for the magazine. This may be items of interest and amusement from around the world or plays, some of which are written by Roger, performed by the Shoestring Theatre Company, which includes amateurs and professionals amongst its performers.

Another interest for Roger is compiling the quizzes that he hosts at local halls to raise funds for both Sudbury Newstalk and The Sudbury Society. He gets ideas for these from quiz books but most of his information is gleaned from his encyclopaedias.

Roger and Janet are deeply religious and are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints (The Mormon Church) and are regular worshipers at their meetings in Bury St Edmunds.

Roger has ancestral connection with John Bunyan of Pilgrims Progress fame - his fatherís original name was Bunyan but when he ran away from home at the age of 15 he changed his name to Burden and stayed with it throughout his life.

Another organisation that Roger is involved in is LETS - the Sudbury Local Exchange and Trading Scheme. This enables people to trade their skills for credits that can then be used in exchange for the skills of other people. No money is involved and however low you think your skills are, someone may need them, even if only for baby-sitting or dog-walking.

In spite of very poor eyesight and also being a diabetic, Roger contributes all he can to society. As long as there are people such as him, willing to give their time and commitment, then our community will survive.

Interview by Joan Herbert (Cornard News) - 18 April 2004