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Page updated - 27 February 2011



February 2011

The response to the article in the last issue of Cornard News can only be described as disappointing, although some interest has been apparent. It is therefore intended to extend the scheme to include Sudbury and the surrounding area.


Since most of the allocation of allotments for the New Year has now been completed it would seem a good opportunity for those who are disappointed, to consider joining this scheme. The economic climate is such that self-production of food will become very useful and organisations now exist to encourage natural composting and local production of food.


Details of the gardenshare and community composting schemes can be obtained from me on (01787) 374190 or email Colin Wright or for full information of a very successful gardenshare scheme go to www.transitiontowntotnes.org/gardenshare/startupscheme .


Colin Wright


Community Compost

What is Community Composting? How can it help my community? What are the problems to starting up a scheme?


Community Composting is open to anyone, individuals, social enterprises, existing community groups, schools, clubs and associations. These include recycling, reducing carbon footprints and protecting natural resources.


Composting garden and food waste instead of sending it to landfill is the single most important recycling we can do. Methane, the greenhouse gas produced by rotting food waste in landfill, is 30 times more damaging than Carbon Dioxide. The aim in Suffolk is to divert more green waste from landfill to achieve 60% recycling & composting by 2015.


The Community Composting Network is a UK wide charity set up by Community Composters to help promote and support composting as a sustainable way of using local garden and food wastes for community benefits. For further information on the UK-wide charity, Community Composting Network (CCN), please see www.communitycompost.org or call 0114 2580483.



August 2010

There has been some discussion regarding the creation of a Garden Share scheme in Great Cornard. Garden owners having a plot that is too big for them, allow gardeners to grow produce on part of it. In return, the gardener will give an agreed proportion of produce to the owner. It is not usual for the gardener to do general garden maintenance for the owners.


Obviously agreements must be tailored to meet the needs of the individual owners and gardeners. The hidden value of these schemes is that they encourage contact between individuals. This has been obvious in localities where these schemes have flourished.


To get this scheme started in Cornard we need a managing body. Preferably a suitable established organisation can take this on but, failing this, an organisation will have to be created. There is a considerable amount of Internet guidance available, just Google gardenshare to get 20,000 sites!

[ In some areas it is known as Landshare. ]


Anyone who is willing to participate in such a scheme, either as an administrator, a gardener or garden owner can contact me on (01787) 374190 or email Colin Wright .


Colin Wright