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Page updated - 22 February 2005


If you can offer or suggest content for this Website I will be very pleased to receive it.

You can email me through the link on the Index (Home) page.


Website History in reverse chronological order- more for my reference than anyone else but it here if you wish to read it.

Ongoing - Changes, sometimes only minor ones, are made to this Website weekly or occasionally daily.

22 Feb 2005 - During the last few days layout & appearance changes to every page to increase consistency between pages.

19 Sept to 22 Feb - Lots of additions and changes but nothing too major

19 September 2004 - Changes made to 'Trades & Professions' areas

4 September - 'Transport' area added.

15 August 2004 - A few changes made to the Index (Home) to 'invite' (shame) some folks to change promises into content.

03 August 2004 - Addition of Window Cleaner page and many more 'shortcut links' added to the Table of Contents page

July 2004 - Various additions to several Website pages and some more 'fine-tuning' to many of the pages

27 June 2004 - Clubs & Organisations lists combined and separate pages, with contact details and information, generated for each group

20 June 2004 - Website History moved from Home page

19 June 2004 - Great Cornard Upper School Open Learning Week content added

10 June 2004 - Since 23 May 2004: Pubs listed, another Community Web added to list and a few of the Hobbies & Interests now have their own pages. Still a number of hobbies, interests, groups and organisations to do so 'Come on folks, lets have your details for the Website'. Also 'Page updated' date being added to pages as they are updated.

23 May 2004 - A few more changes & additions - Nothing too significant.

21 May 2004 - During the last seven days changes to most pages - too many to list.

14 May 2004 - Aerial view of Cornard & Wells Hall Primary School page added.

10 May 2004 - Building a useful and usable website begins. Content being submitted. Thanks folks.

9 May 2004 - All previous inputs and requirements reviewed. Layout, structure and navigation determined.

8 May 2004 - Webspace now 'well' again. Now able to continue the learning' process.

2 to 7 May 2004 - Good feedback from several 'surfers'. Positive inputs are always welcome. Thanks folks.

1 May 2004 - More changes but due to problems at the web space provider unable to upload for testing.

25 April 2004 - Changes to the structure of the Website. Several additional pages added.

17 April 2004 - Introduction of the Great Cornard Information Website but only with content on the Home, History, Community Drop-In Centre, Clubs and Organisations pages.

Early-April 2004 - Domain Name (www.cornard.info) registered.

End-March 2004 - Concept for Website and initial content determined.

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