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Logic Problem Puzzle - A Day Out

Page updated - 21 February 2005

A DAY OUT - A Grid-Type Logic Problem by Roger Burden

Three couples from Great Cornard have each gone on a day trip to see an exhibition connected with a hobby they enjoy. From the clues below, can you work out the name of each man, his wife, where they went and how they got there?

1.     Bob Evans and his wife have gone to Norwich for a family history exhibition.

2.     Alan and Sue Dunn have been married for ten years.

3.     The couple who went down to London by train for a gardening show arenít Colin Fry and his wife, whose name isnít Diana.

4.     Kate and her husband did not travel by car.


A) Husbands: Alan Dunn, Bob Evans, Colin Fry.

B) Wives: Diana, Kate, Sue.

C) Cities:  Birmingham, London, Norwich.

D) Transport:  car, coach, train.

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Bob Evans went to Norwich (1), so the man who went to London by train, who wasnít Colin Fry (3), must have been Alan Dunn, whose wife is Sue (2), and, by elimination, Colin Fry must have gone to Birmingham. His wife isnít Diana (3), so must be Kate, leaving Bob Evans as Dianaís husband. Finally, from clue 4, Colin and Kate Fry didnít travel by car, so they went by coach, and it was Bob and Diana Evans who went by car.


Alan Dunn, Sue, London, train.

Bob Evans, Diana, Norwich, car.

Colin Fry, Kate, Birmingham, coach.