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Logic Problem Puzzle - Emigrants

Page updated - 21 February 2005

Emigrants - A Grid-Type Logic Problem by Roger Burden

Research on some recently-discovered documents has revealed the stories of three young men who left this area in mid-Victorian times to build new lives for themselves abroad. From the clues below, can you work out each manís name, where he used to live (and work), why he emigrated and what he eventually became?

1.     John Keane, who did not live on Hollybush Farm, emigrated to avoid having to marry his employerís daughterÖ..letís not go any further into the matter.

2.     Alf Brown from Oaktree Farm wasnít the man who went to Australia and became a notorious bushranger (thatís a highway robber).

3.     Percy Quayle, who didnít leave England because he was running from the police over a matter of some stolen pigs, became a police officer himself in India, eventually rising to the rank of Chief Inspector.


A) Names:  Alf Brown, John Keane, Percy Quayle.

B) Farms:  Bluegate, Hollybush, Oaktree.

C) Reasons For Emigrating: avoiding marriage, running from police, seeking fortune.

D) Eventually Became:  bushranger, police officer, rancher.

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Alf Brown lived on Oaktree Farm (2). John Keane didnít live on Hollybush Farm (1), so must have lived on Bluegate Farm, and, by elimination, Percy Quayle must have lived on Hollybush Farm. John Keane left to avoid marriage (1). Percy Quayle wasnít running from the police (3), so must have been seeking his fortune, and Alf Brown must have been running from the police. Percy Quayle became a police officer (3). Alf Brown didnít become a bushranger (2), so became a rancher (presumably in the USA), and it must have been John Keane who became a bushranger.


Alf Brown, Oaktree Farm, running from police, rancher.

John Keane, Bluegate Farm, avoiding marriage, bushranger.

Percy Quayle, Hollybush Farm, seeking fortune, police officer.