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Logic Problem Puzzle - Leisure Pursuits

Page updated - 21 February 2005

LEISURE PURSUITS - A Grid-Type Logic Problem by Roger Burden

Three women, who all work in the local shopping centre, have each taken up a rather unusual and demanding hobby recently. From the clues below, can you work out each womanís forename and surname, where she works, and what her new hobby is?

1.     Ms Green works in the chemists shop; itís Ms Mason who has recently taken up caving Ė though she has to travel to Derbyshire to participate.

2.     Ann, who works at the hairdressers, isnít Ms Price.

3.     Itís not the supermarket worker who has decided to learn kung fu.

4.     Cathy has no interest in archery.


A) Forenames:  Ann, Cathy, Gail.

B) Surnames:  Green, Mason, Price.

C) Employers:  chemists, hairdressers, supermarket.

D) Hobbies:  archery, caving, kung fu.

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Ms Green works at the chemists (1), so Ann, who works for the hairdresser and isnít Ms Price (2), must be Ms Mason, and has therefore taken up caving (1). By elimination, Ms Price works in the supermarket. Her hobby isnít kung fu (3), so must be archery, leaving kung fu as Ms Greenís hobby. Ms Price isnít Cathy (4), so must be Gail, leaving Cathy as Ms Green from the chemists who has taken up kung fu.


Ann Mason, hairdressers, caving.

Cathy Green, chemists, kung fu.

Gail Price, supermarket, archery.