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Logic Problem Puzzle - Old Timers

Page updated - 21 February 2005

OLD TIMERS - A Grid-Type Logic Problem by Roger Burden

The local middle school has invited three of the villageís oldest inhabitants to come and talk to pupils about their experiences in different roles during the Second World War. From the clues below, can you work out each manís forename and surname, his age, and what he did during the War?

1.     George is older than Eddie Tisdale.

2.     It wasnít Stan who served as a merchant sailor during World War II.

3.     The 89-year-old worked on a farm during the war.    

4.     Mr Kenning celebrated his 86th birthday last month.


A) Forenames:  Eddie, George, Stan.

B) Surnames: Batten, Kenning, Tisdale.

C) Ages: 86, 89, 92.

D) Wartime Roles:  farmhand, infantryman, merchant sailor.

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George is older than Eddie Tisdale (1), so canít be Kenning, who is 86 (4), and must be Batten. From clue 1, Eddie Tisdale must be 89, so he was a farmhand (3), and George Batten must be 92. By elimination, Kenning must be Stan. He wasnít a merchant sailor (2), so must have been an infantryman, leaving George Batten as the former merchant sailor.


Eddie Tisdale, 89, farmhand.

George Batten, 92, merchant sailor.

Stan Kenning, 86, infantryman.